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Our Solutions

bSafe Technology Platform

The bSafe technology platform is the only emergency management system developed with a holistic view to offer prevention, handling and documentation of incidents both at an individual, organizational and societal level.


The company develops API's for tomorrow's safety- and security technology that can be adapted to mobile users, businesses, campuses and integrated to mobile operators, mobile manufacturers and alarm centers. Bsafe has developed the most advanced safety features to give you and your loved ones peace of mind wherever you are. Voice Activation, Live Streaming, and Automatic Recording will help you stay safe. If you feel unsafe, it’s easy to activate the Fake Call, Timer Alarm, or the Follow Me function.

SOS alarm

First Responder Platform for Cell Phone, Tablets and PC's.

Emergency response is often slow or unreliable. Crucial information is not reaching respondersWe will provide you access to instant emergency response, anywhere, anytime.  We will give citizens, students and employees access to instant emergency response services through our easy-to-integrate solutions. We automate key processes that eliminate time-consuming manual work, reduce costs and improve productivity.

Top security and medical responders are dispatched in seconds, NOT minutes.  We bridge the gap between Personal and Public Safety- and Security.  Our smart technology is making emergency response services more accessible and affordable.  Our tech platform provide a solid foundation for future development and desired scalability of customers

We are on a Mission

Bsafe aims to reduce violence and sexual assaults by developing innovative and ground-breaking solutions to help create safe and sustainable communities for individuals, businesses, and local communities.

Our solutions shall prevent, handle and document crime, violence, and sexual assaults, reduce response time and improve outcomes. Together with our partners, we are developing an ecosystem to improve safety- and security.

From rape to world-leading technology bSafe

We welcome investors to join our journey

Our business shall provide both financial and sustainable profits. This benefits us all. Us. You. Women. Their families. Their communities.

Interested in becoming an investor and helping grow a global sustainable safety- and security industry whilst empowering women, businesses, and local communities?