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New Smart Technology That Can Save Lives

On track to become a world-leading provider of safety and security solutions.

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bSafe Features

Competent people call bSafe`s solutions “revolutionary” and “a game changer needed in the world today”. The well-known Norwegian Supreme Court lawyer John Chr. Elden has invested in bSafe and believes that bSafe`s solutions will be essential in the fight against crime. ”bSafe represents a new paradigm”, he says.

SOS Button
When the SOS alarm is activated, audio and video will automatically start to record.
Voice Activation
Simply activate the SOS alarm with your voice even if your cell phone is stowed away.
Live Streaming
Your guardians can see and hear everything that is happening in real time.
When the SOS alarm is activated, audio and video are automatically recording.
Follow Me
Your friends and family can join your journey virtually via live GPS-tracking.
Fake Call
Get your phone to call you and get out of unpleasant or threatening situations.
I'm Here
Use this feature to check-in and share your location with your guardians.
Timer Alarm
Define how long you want bSafe to follow you, in case of an emergency sitiuation.

bSafe Technology & Solutions

bSafe Technology and Solutions

The bSafe technology platform is the only emergency management system developed with a holistic view to offer prevention, handling and documentation of incidents both at an individual, organizational and societal level.
Our solutions have from the beginning been built on real life incidents and actual user needs. We also have gained insights on user requirements, as well as possibilities for co-innovation, through our network that will be fundamental for the growth we are envisioning.

bSafe can stop incidents for individuals and in the workplace from happening and reduce crime, violence and sexual assaults. For companies, this translates into safe and motivated employees, better resource utilization, better quality of service offerings and, ultimately, reduced costs.

bSafe helps managing incidents by providing a technological infrastructure that allows users, businesses, emergency centers and authorities to connect and cooperate, enabling access to dispatchers and first responder teams in close proximity. As such, bSafe enables shorter emergency response time, a safer local community and better contact with the emergency services.

bSafe’s core idea is well aligned with UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16: “Peace, justice and strong institutions”, focused on promoting peaceful and inclusive societies, providing access to justice for all and building inclusive institutions at all levels.
More specifically to “significantly reduce all forms of violence and related death rates everywhere”.

“The story of Rich and Charlen is compelling, the solutions are essentials and the overall concept is terrific.”

Eric Ronningen

Security Specialist, former Captain in the American Army.

The value of bSafe`s  solutions

bSafe alarm integration

Faster, safer and more accurate response to emergencies prevents loss of life and health for employees or individuals associated with an organization.

Security for our users to know that designated guardians can follow you on the map when you are in an unsafe environment.

Increased value and reputation for the organization as a result of BEMS as a measure to protect its employees /clients, who become our users.

By taking proactive action to prevent incidents, this can result in an increase in security at work. By providing security to an organization’s employees this is proven to generate less sick leave for the organization, increased attendance, and higher engagement from employees ultimately reducing costs for the company.

Decrease in overall demand for emergency services due to less demand at the emergency centers as many incidents can be prevented or handled locally.

Emergency centers and security personnel are provided a better overview of the specifics during an emergency and can make better and faster decisions to protect individuals, groups and properties.