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bSafe App

bSafe can stop incidents for individuals and in the workplace from happening and reduce crime, violence and assaults. For companies, this translates into safe and motivated employees, better resource utilization, better quality of service offerings and, ultimately, reduced costs.

mobile bSafe app


"I love this app! It gives me and my girlfriends peace of mind everywhere we go. Love knowing I have all my friends with me whenever and wherever I need them ❤"

Sandra S,


"This app is my personal hero. I have no problem walking by myself in heels to meet up with friends in the city now cuz they are always with me on bSafe. Thank you for creating this!!"

Camilla B,


"We all have a friend who’s always running late for the girls’ night out. Well - I’m her. I love that now I can find my friends at a party when the music’s too loud for them to answer me."

Sandra H,


"This app is very helpful in making sure your loved ones are safe. Parents, is a must-have, to keep track of your kids; when they are away from home. I recommend this to everyone!"


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Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

App Features

SOS Button
When the SOS alarm is activated, audio and video will automatically start to record.
Voice Activation
Simply activate the SOS alarm with your voice even if your cell phone is stowed away.
Live Streaming
Your guardians can see and hear everything that is happening in real time.
When the SOS alarm is activated, audio and video are automatically recording.
Follow Me
Your friends and family can join your journey virtually via live GPS-tracking.
Fake Call
Get your phone to call you and get out of unpleasant or threatening situations.
I'm Here
Use this feature to check-in and share your location with your guardians.
Timer Alarm
Define how long you want bSafe to follow you, in case of an emergency sitiuation.

A real story behind

The idea behind bSafe originates from founder Rich Larsen’s own daughter Charlen, who was a victim of sexual assault in her teens. Based on her experience the father and daughter team created features that could have prevented the sexual assault, warned her friends and family and collected evidence for later use in court. bSafe is considered one of the strongest brands in safety and security globally. With the increasing growth in demand for modern solutions for integrating security technology in the customer interface, the brand position has great value.We receive requests from major players in the security market seeking to expand their range of services as well as vendors looking to integrate security services into their own ecosystem.

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