Introducing bSafe for Realtors

At bSafe, we understand the unique challenges that Realtors face when it comes to safety and security. Whether you're showing a property to a client or meeting with a potential buyer, your safety is our top priority.That's why we've developed a range of innovative safety solutions specifically designed for Realtors. With bSafe, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have the tools you need to stay safe and secure while on the job.

Partnering with bSafe for REALTOR® SAFETY


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“it’s worth it."

Because of the risks REALTORS® face, the GSBOR recognized the importance in offering all members a tool to protect themselves. If we can turn a situation around that would have ended badly for just one member – then it’s worth it.”

2023 GSBOR President

“One of a kind service”

We wanted to ensure that our realtors and clients alike where participating in property showings within a secure environment.“

2023 GSBOR Director

Why bSafe?
with Ethan Ives, from GSBOR

Why GSBOR wanted a safety app?

In the modern real estate industry, the safety of our members is paramount. As representatives of the GSBOR, we wanted to ensure that our realtors and clients alike were participating in property showings within a secure environment. With the growth of technology, we considered that a safety app would best serve this objective. Through this application, we believed we could offer instant, accessible security measures that would not distract from the professional conduct of our realtors or the experience of our clients.

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Why did we decide to partner with bSafe?

There were multiple potential partners in the market, but bSafe particularly stood out for us. They offered advanced technology tailored specifically to our needs, along with an exceptional level of support designed for easy user navigation. bSafe demonstrated a deep understanding of our safety objectives and displayed capabilities that were specially designed to serve the real estate industry's unique challenges. With bSafe, we felt confident that we were investing in not just a vendor, but a security partner who would walk alongside us in addressing our needs.

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Why did we choose bSafe over other options?

We chose bSafe over other options due to various factors. The most significant were the already-developed program that bSafe had in place and their impeccable support. We found that the application was thoughtfully created, addressing real-world safety concerns in the real estate industry with practical, accessible solutions. Furthermore, bSafe's customer service made us feel confident that we could rely on them for any assistance when needed. The competitors seemed to offer technology, but lacked bSafe’s value proposition of pairing robust technology with high-quality service. We believe in comprehensive safety, which for us means an effective program paired with dependable and reachable support, and that's precisely what bSafe offers.

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bSafe Empowering Realtors to Stay Safe and Secure

Don't wait until it's too late. Get your bSafe Button today and take control of your safety. Whether you're showing a property, meeting with clients, or working late at the office, the bSafe Button has you covered. Order now and start feeling safer today!
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