Our Team

bSafe has established a management with proven records and high competence and long experience both nationally and internationally. The Management is consisting of some of Norway's foremost experts in its field.

Founder and Chairman. Business developer
Rich Larsen
Co-founder. Sexual Assault Survivor
Charlen Larsen
Advisory Board. 35 years of experience from CEO
Trygve Jacobsen
CPO and Partner Relations
Frode W. Kjersem
CTO. Experienced technology manager
Lars Martinsen
Advisory Board. Strategic Communication
Geir Hågen Karlsen
Creative director. Art direction, design and marketing
Anne Lise Haugen
Advisory Board. Strategic communication
Marco Elsafadi
Lawyer US and The Board US
Michael Stewart
The Board. Experienced managing directoring the tech industry
Ken Roar Riis
Advisory Board. Emergencies and Public Safety
Steve Cottingham
The Board US. 9/11 Survivor
Erik O. Ronningen
Advisory Board. Sexual Assault Survivor
Andrea Voldum
Advisory Board. Experience from Google and Microsoft
Tonje Aarøe
The Board. Former General and Chief of Norwegian Home Guard
Tor Rune Raabye
The Board. Experienced lawyer within corporate law and securities regulation
Cecilie Grue
Advisory Board. Influencer and Actor
Juliane Snekkestad
Advisory Board. Norwegian Supreme Court Lawyer
John Christian Elden
The Board. Former Minister of Transport
Ketil Solvik-Olsen
Advisory Board. Sexual assault survivor
Trine Lise Olsen
Advisory Board. Former McKinsey partner
Trond Riiber Knudsen
Advisory Board, a passionate, driven, and ambitious tech entrepreneur.
Eva Helen Rognskog
World champion and multiple Olympic Gold-medalist in speed skating, UNICEF ambassador
Johann Olav Koss