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In an increasingly digitized work environment, safety takes precedence, particularly for individuals working alone. At bSafe, we understand the importance of safeguarding lone workers and provide tailored solutions to ensure workplace safety and well-being.

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Ensuring Safety

Our dedicated team has developed innovative tools and technologies that enable lone workers to stay connected, share their location, and receive emergency assistance quickly and efficiently. With our advanced platform, employees can feel secure, even when operating in isolated areas or performing high-risk tasks.

women at work
women at work

We take pride in delivering reliable and user-friendly solutions that provide lone workers with the extra security they deserve. By collaborating with bSafe, you are choosing not only safety but also innovation and reliability for a better and safer work environment. Explore our services today and give your lone workers the confidence they need to excel in their roles. Together, we build a safer future.

The Partner Portal

Simplifying Your bSafe Subscription and Employee Management

The bSafe Partner Portal is a powerful tool designed to give you full control over your bSafe subscription and the employees who use it. With the Partner Portal, you can easily manage your account, view invoices, and access important information about your bSafe subscription.

*Partner Portal Terms of Use

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The help you need when you need it.
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Full control over your bSafe subscription and employees.
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Designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.
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