The bSafe Emergency Button

Your Ultimate Safety Companion!

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The bSafe Button

Introducing the bSafe emergency button, your trusty partner in personal security. Designed to seamlessly complement the bSafe app, it provides an alternative method to activate the SOS alarm and video recording. Even when your mobile phone is out of reach or when you need a discreet way to notify your guardians, the bSafe remote safety button has your back.

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Key Features

a hand press a button

Immediate Assistance

The bSafe Button puts your safety at your fingertips. With a quick press, it sends an immediate emergency alert to your predefined contacts, providing them with your location.

wrist bracelet

Discreet Design

Designed to be inconspicuous, the bSafe Button blends seamlessly into your daily life. Attach it to your keychain, wear it as a bracelet, or keep it in your pocket – always ready to help you out of every situation.


Versatile Connectivity

The bSafe Button utilizes cutting-edge technology to establish a secure and rapid connection. Whether you're at home, on the go, or in an unfamiliar environment, help is just a press away.


Customizable Settings

Tailor the bSafe Button to suit your needs. Set up emergency contacts (guardians), define your notification preferences, and personalize the response protocol. Your safety, your rules.

long battery life

Long Battery Life

Powered for endurance, the bSafe Button ensures that your safety is never compromised. The battery can last up to 3 years, and you can easily change the battery yourself at home. Enjoy peace of mind with a device that's ready for action whenever you need it.

The bSafe Emergency Bracelet

The bSafe App

When you press the bSafe Button it activates the SOS alarm and audio and video will automatically start to record. The app then sends an alert to your emergency contacts, letting them know that you need help.

bsafe app
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bSafe button Faq

Frequently Asked Questions

What is bSafe Button?
How does bSafe Button work?
How do I activate bSafe Button?
What should I do if bSafe Button is not working as expected?
Why should I use bSafe Button?

Safety is just a press away!