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bSafe App Features

SOS Alarm

When the SOS alarm is activated, audio and video will automatically start to record.

Voice Activation

Simply activate the SOS alarm with your voice even if your cell phone is stowed away.

Live Streaming

Your guardians can see and hear everything that is happening in real time.


When the SOS alarm is activated, audio and video are automatically recording.

Follow Me

Your friends and family can join your journey virtually via live GPS-tracking.

Fake Call

Get your phone to call you and get out of unpleasant or threatening situations.


You can add friends and family as guardians and get peace of mind wherever you are.

I'm Here

Use this feature to check-in and share your location with your selected guardians.

Timer Alarm

Define how long you want Bsafe to follow you, in case of an emergency.

First Responder Platform for Cell Phone, Tablets and PC's.

Our First-Responder system for cell phones offers 24/7 monitoring, emergency alert, safety registration and sharing, and several customization options to assist employees, students and citizens in emergencies and critical situations.

bSafe Emergency Management System

bSafe Emergency Management System (BEMS) is an innovative dashboard associated with groundbreaking features such as voice activation, live streaming, bidirectional communication, automatic audio and video recording and Follow Me features.

Our First-Responder dashboard/platform for cell phones, tablets and PC offers 24/7 monitoring, emergency respons, security registration and sharing, and several customization options for individuals, employees, students, and citizens. The Platform/Dashboard functions as a small alarm center for small and medium-sized businesses, organizations, campuses and local authorities.

Seamless sharing of the incident in real time: The operator of BEMS can easily share the incident with your colleges, students and family/friends. BEMS also provide help from local emergency response teams or an internal emergency center to provide quick action. They will get the same information as on BEMS, ie name, number, location, tracking and live streaming of the event.

Contact the emergency services: If there is a need to contact emergency services such as police, ambulance or fire, it can easily be done from BEMS via a button that automatically calls the emergency services.

The person operating the BEMS can describe what is happening, where it is happening and with whom it is happening. This will provide the emergency services with important information and cut response time and can save lives.


Security As A Service

bSafe's open «security as a service» (SECaaS) platform; API and component strategies, is the only emergency management system developed with a holistic view to offer prevention, handling and documentation of incidents both at an individual, organizational and societal level.

Our safety technology makes us a sought-after enterprise and technology partner for several of the world's leading companies and innovators operating in the sharing and platform economy space. Together with our partners we develop next-generation, integrated solutions for an industry that is characterized by outdated technology, lack of integration and low efficiency. Such solutions are centered around the individual and the need for immediate help that can occur anywhere and anytime.

We develop functionalities with high scalability based on the bSafe ecosystem for retrieving, viewing, and seamless sharing of real-time information with focus on interoperable communications and their lean implementation with partners systems, smart devices and emergency providers.

bSafe Crisis Management System Under Development

Our alarm system offers solutions for preparedness in emergency and crisis management, ranging from minor incidents to major disasters. BCMS provides access to all available information from individuals and persons who are present at or involved in the situation.

The market is comprised of alarm centers, international businesses, and local/regional authorities worldwide, with the goal to reduce response time and the scope of damage, as well as to streamline the commissioning of measures.

The system provides location tracking, personal and medical information, live streaming, two-way communication, and optimizes the flow of communication between alarm centers, first responders, the local population, and authorities. The system can transmit the incident seamlessly from alarm centers to emergency vehicles, e.g. police vehicles, ambulances, and fire trucks.