Challenges in the global emergency response market

The rising criminal activities, robberies, domestic violence and partner murder leading to major disruption is driving the global incident and emergency management market.
The core process used to interface with first responders has not materially changed from the central station system developed in the late 20th century.

Crime and the violence have enormous global socio-economic impacts for individuals, workplaces, schools and communities. This affects mental health, quality of life, standard of living, life expectancy, corruption and productivity.

Women feel unsafe at work, at home and in the streets because of the culture of sexism and misogyny, which makes violence against women and girls all too common.
Far too many women continue to tell us that their experiences at the hands of violent men are belittled, disbelieved and dismissed by police and the criminal justice system - the very services that are supposed to protect us.
It must not be tolerated any longer.

So could technology play a role in making women feel safer?

A Real Story Behind


Crime and violence against women, sexual abuse and rape are increasing globally. It creates insecurity, fear and dread for women all over the world.

An essential part of what makes bSafe unique and creates such positive reactions in the market is the fact that the features are based on the rape of Rich Larsen's own daughter, Charlen, and the father-daughter team’s desire to prevent others from experiencing similar traumatic situations.

Charlen was raped. She struggled with guilt, shame anxiety and suicidal thoughts for many years, until one day when her father Rich sat down with her. Together, they reflected on how the incident could have been avoided.

Based on Charlen’s experience, they started to develop features that could have prevented the rape, warned her friends and family, and collected evidence for later use in court. They wanted to develop features and solutions that can prevent pain, self-harm, anxiety, depression, and suicide among young girls and boys.

- If I had bSafe, my rape could’ve been prevented and I wouldn’t have had to struggle as much as I’ve done, says Charlen.

Her experience, ideas, and reflections have formed the basis for the cutting-edge and world-leading technology that has been developed by bSafe in recent years and is being launched worldwide with international partners this year.

From rape to world-leading technology
The global emergency response market will experience disruption during the next 1-5 years in the same way that occurred with tourism (Airbnb) and taxis (Uber) 10 years ago are striking.

We will transform the industry with our digital technology to integrate our technology into your existing platforms.  We will give your customers and staff access to instant emergency response services through our easy-to-integrate solutions.  Our smart technology is making emergency response services more accessible and affordable.  Our tech platform provide a solid foundation for future development and desired scalability of customers.

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Anything that sheds new light...

Anything that sheds new light on events and sequences, such as sound and video recording, will make a big difference. A recording presented in court will provide crucial insights into circumstances that will make it easier to achieve a verdict.

John Chr. Elden
Norwegian Supreme Court Lawyer and Investor