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We will provide you access to instant emergency response, anywhere, anytime. We automate key processes that eliminate time-consuming manual work, reduce costs and improve productivity. Top security and medical responders are dispatched in seconds, NOT minutes.

bSafe's competitive advantages are linked to its innovative, highly demanded features and a stand-alone alarm center with a multifunctional interface that handles various types of emergency and crisis situations. Compared to existing legacy emergency centers, bSafe is a solution that is independent of deep integration with emergency services and the alarm systems.

Our solution has from the beginning been built on real life incidents and actual user needs. We have also gained insights on user requirements, as well as possibilities for co-innovation, through our network that will be fundamental for the growth we are envisioning.

Our smart technology is making emergency response services more accessible and affordable with a solid foundation for future development and desired scalability of customers.

Some of the specific and critical benefits BEMS can deliver to first responders, alarm centers and emergencies to enable faster, more accurate actions by personnel:

1. Ability to trigger an SOS alert through voice command: The first few minutes are critical to outcomes in medical emergencies and several other first responder scenarios. bSafe focuses on the first response time interval, reducing the time between the onset of the emergency call and the first responder dispatch. Valuable seconds are wasted if the caller has to find the phone in a pocket or purse and open the app before triggering the SOS button.

2. Location service:Overlay of technology to provide ears and eyes and quick and meaningful dispatch to first responders.

3. Transmittal of personal data: Mandatory and optional user profile information that can be beneficial to first responders when every second counts, e.g. photo, date of birth and medical information.

4. Transmittal and recording of live audio/video: A call center dispatcher can transmit data to first responders or store for later transmission or usage. Live streaming helps explain a situation as it happens from the victim´s or bystander’s perspective towards the PSAP, e.g. who/what is the nature of the threat, what is the behavior/progression of the threat, possible escape routes, etc.

Such data helps improve the PSAP’s response and first responders’ preparation for the engagement. Audio and video is automatically recorded and stored in a database to provide evidence in cases where an incident has occurred.
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We're on track to become a world-leading safety and security solutions provider, providing best safety apps for women. But this is only possible with your support!

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Want helping to improve safety- and security by solving some of the world's greatest challenges; crime and violence against women.
Want to help prevent and reduce violence and rape for individuals, especially for those that identify as women.
Want to save lives that would otherwise be lost.
Want help in the moment when an incident occurs and provide evidence to support any incidents that have happened.
Want faster, safer and more accurate response to emergencies prevents loss of life and health.
Want to contribute to a safer world for our children and grandchildren.

Why partner up with us?

We are driven by the ambition to make a significant and tangible impact.
We have a strong and dedicated team of high-skilled passionate professionals.
Profit, people and planet are equally important for us.
Our solutions enable us to lower the number of casualties, and enhance the results of emergencies and dangerous situation.
Our solutions have lower financial outlays.
Our solutions have global potential for high Return Of Results.
There are ongoing efforts for patenting and protecting the safe brand with the roadside assistance of attorneys.
Share real time location, location history, through location based maps on android devices and android phone.
This is one of the most exiting cases I`ve seen from av investor perspective. I am proud to be part of helping it take off.
- Trond Riiber Knudsen, Norways most well known startup investor and former McKinsey Partner.