Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce violence and sexual assaults by developing innovative and ground-breaking solutions to help create safe and sustainable communities for individuals, businesses and local communities.

Our solutions shall prevent, handle and document crime, violence and sexual assaults in addition to reduce response time and improve outcome. Together with our partners, we are developing an ecosystem to improve safety- and security.

Social Impact and Sustainability

Through the UN's sustainability goals, we have defined how our solutions can contribute to solve some of the most central challenges.
Good Health and Well-being
- In the workplace, we prevent violence and threats ultimately providing a safer working environment resulting in more motivated employees. Our solutions provide quick access to assistance.- Our solutions result in a focus on presence, well-being and security. It provides better resource utilization, better quality of service offering and is cost-saving for the long term.

- Our solutions reduce sickness absence because we create security for employees, users, relatives and companies. It has very large socio-economic consequences.

- Our solutions strengthen capacity, especially in developing countries, for early warning, risk mitigation and management of local and regional incidents.
Gender equality
- Through our technology and values, we facilitate the creation of greater security for people regardless of gender, functional ability, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity and religion.

- We will reduce all forms of discrimination and violence against girls and women worldwide

- We will reduce all forms of violence against girls and women, both in the public and private spheres, including human trafficking, sexual assault and other forms of exploitation

- We will strengthen the use of adapted technology for girls and women to strengthen their position in creating a more gender equitable
Sustainable cities and communities
- Our technology and data insights we gather will create real change for people, communities and climate. Our solutions will have great national and international significance for the prevention of violence and threats and to a large extent contribute to creating a safer, healthier and sustainable local community with all the benefits it provides for all of its members.

-  Our solutions are ideal for facilitating internal «first responder systems» where it does not exist or work in the current digital infrastructure. Our technology supports communities at scale from refugee camps to schools to organizations to cities to societies at large.

We have a mission. We are not there yet, but we are on our way. Join us.