Your Ultimate Safety Companion

The bSafe Button is a versatile and discreet personal safety device that can be worn or carried in various ways so as to suit your individual needs and preferences.

- The bSafe Button allows you to activate an alert either as a loud alarm with voice warning (press the button twice); or as a silent discreet alert (press and hold the button for 3 seconds).

You can also initiate a fake incoming call by a single press of the button.

- bSafe’s emergency alerts, with live streaming of audio and video, automatic recording, seamless sharing of incidents in real-time and two-way communication, allows instant notification for emergency response, anywhere at any time.

- bSafe’s discreet alarm options include a paired Bluetooth button that allows you to activate an SOS alarm and start video streaming, even when your mobile phone is locked.

- This allows you to notify your guardians or monitoring team, while providing a video and audio feed of the situation.

- Available for businesses and partners

Features include:

✅ Bluetooth Remote activation (allows you to raise an alarm even when the smartphone is locked)

✅ SOS alert with video streaming, plus video recording options

✅ Full audio alarm or discreet silent alert configuration

✅ Self-monitored “guardian” or 24/7 monitoring options

✅ “Follow me” notification for added assurance

✅ Timer alarm for checking-in safety

✅ Fake Call to get you out of an unpleasant or threatening situation

✅ iOS and Android capable

See demo video and read more about the button here: