Total Costs of Domestic Violence in Norway Amounted to 92.7 Billion NOK

Domestic violence poses a significant societal challenge. Based on a comprehensive assessment of the socio-economic costs of domestic violence in Norway, we estimate that the total costs amounted to 92.7 billion NOK in 2021, according to a report on

👉 Loss of life and health-related quality of life:

  • 58 percent of the socio-economic costs are born by individuals experiencing violence, in terms of premature death and diminished health-related quality of life.
  • The consequences of violence are estimated to result in a loss of nearly 40,000 quality-adjusted life years for victims, perpetrators, and family members in 2021. This corresponds to an expected socio-economic loss valued at approximately 54 billion NOK.

👉 Reduced production and efficiency:

  • Domestic violence negatively impacts societal value creation by keeping victims, perpetrators, and family members who would otherwise be employed either partially or entirely out of the workforce. This effect is estimated at 25.2 billion NOK in 2021.
  • In other words, Norwegian gross domestic product would have been 0.8 percent higher in the absence of domestic violence. Costs are distributed among individuals experiencing violence in the form of lower income, Norwegian businesses in the form of reduced profits, and the government through increased welfare payments and reduced tax revenue.

👉 Public and private resource allocation:

  • Public and private resource allocation describes the efforts society invests in mitigating the negative consequences of domestic violence. The total resource allocation is estimated at 13.4 billion NOK, representing approximately 14 percent of the total costs associated with domestic violence.
  • Volunteer, unpaid work in organizations and by family members is estimated at 2.3 billion NOK, while 11.1 billion NOK is associated with publicly funded efforts across various sectors and organizations.

More preventive efforts to reduce domestic violence can be beneficial. Do you have any thoughts on how to prevent and mitigate domestic violence in Norway?