The HUGE GAP between Personal- and Public safety and security

Due to a study on 3.500 smartphone users in major cities in Europe, Asia and the US by Ericsson Consumer Lab, there is a huge gap between personal and public safety. Citizens have big expectations towards governments and public safety agencies.

Community members are increasingly securing their own personal safety. They are engaged and are putting pressure on the authorities to close the gap between personal and public safety.

Today, many community members take personal safety into their own hands by using internet-enabled services and tools and by engaging in their social networks.

The findings from the Ericsson Consumer Lab report showed that the following features would help users to reduce the feeling of unsafeness:

✅ 37% Live video chat while walking in unsafe areas
✅ 38% Safe walking app – a digital assistant that follows you when walking in unsafe areas
✅ 39% Information sharing about the taxis, Ubers and Lyfts you ride in
✅ 44% Direct accident or crime reporting
✅ 46% Accurate real-time information about what to do in an emergency
✅ 47% Assault or emergency alarm app with automatic response

bSafe Group AS offer 24/7 monitoring with digital assistant, emergency alert, live streaming of audio and video, automatically recording, seamless sharing of incidents in real-time, two-way communication and transfer to emergency centers and first responders. bSafe`s solutions provide access to instant emergency response, anywhere, anytime and reduce responsetime and improve outcome.

Tor Rune Raabye, former Commanding General Norwegian National Guard with 35 years of experience handling emergencies and crisis says;

"- bSafe`s way of alerting and documenting will be immensely helpful for everyone within emergencies. The potential is almost unimaginable and is bound to save companies and societies huge amounts of money."

The company has been supported with funds and valuable counselling along the way by Trond Riiber Knudsen / John Christian Elden / Marco Elsafadi / Tor Rune Raabye / Knut Asplund and our Board of Directors with Cecilie Grue and Ketil Solvik-Olsen.

- We are expanding the team and will soon open up for investors to invest in the company to take advantage of our position, pipeline and time to market, says CEO Rich Larsen.

bSafe Group`s requested emergency management solutions are now ready to COMMERCIALIZE and opening to TRANSFORM the GLOBAL emergency management industry and bridge the gap between personal. and public safety.