bSafe Group AS and the Never Walk Alone Foundation are happy to announce a mutual cooperation. The Never Walk Alone Foundation has entered into a sponsorship agreement with bSafe Group, where the foundation now can distribute the bSafe app free of charge to organisations, businesses and groups nationally and internationally.

- We want to help reduce violence, domestic violence and sexual assault against women, says its founder, Charlen.

- For bSafe, the sponsorship agreement with the Foundation is a way of contributing to a better society.

Charlen was raped. She struggled with guilt, shame anxiety and suicidal thoughts for many years, until one day when her father Rich sat down with her. Together, they reflected on how the incident could have been avoided.Based on Charlen’s experience, they started to develop features that could have prevented the rape, warned her friends and family, and collected evidence for later use in court. They wanted to develop features and solutions that can prevent pain, self-harm, anxiety, depression, and suicide among young girls and boys. Read more about The story behind here.

The whole core of bSafe is to make society safer and support for the foundation is the company's contribution to the important work the foundation focuses on, says Chariman Cecilie Grue in bSafe Group AS.

The foundation follows the rules that apply to charitable foundations and has no owners or stakeholders who profit from the work it does. The foundation's board makes decisions about distribution of the app in line with its purpose.

The sponsorship agreement is important for bSafe as it expresses the social commitment and responsibility the company believes in.

Through the Never Walk Alone foundation, Charlen Larsen wants to expand efforts against violence and rape by spreading knowledge, raising awareness and engaging society.

The foundation aims to offer training programs, workshops, seminars and campaigns to inform and educate people about rape and how to prevent it.

Furthermore, the foundation will engage and collaborate with business, schools, the media and political authorities to influence attitudes and create a safer society for everyone.

- We are looking for partners, sponsors and organisations globally to help in this important work to prevent violence, domestic violence, rape and partner murder.

Please, feel free to contact me, says Charlen Larsen.