Solving huge headaches in society

– No other company does what Bsafe does, says big time investor.

There is an urgent need for a new way of response work within all emergency center services. It is already well-documented that better, more transparent and modern digital infrastructure within emergency and crisis management – on both local and regional level – is demanded in many countries. This is where Bsafe can help. 

– No other company does what Bsafe does. But it's important to ask oneself as an investor: “Are we solving a burning, important global issue or would this new thing just be nice to have”. Vitamin or aspirin? I would call Bsafe “aspirin on steroids” and a huge opportunity about to take off, says angel investor Trond Riiber Knudsen, big time tech-investor and former head of famous consulting company McKinsey.

 – I´ve never seen anything like it, he says.

Strong and urgent need for improvement

It is considered challenging to develop better and modern digital tools. Many organizations currently operate with very formalized routines, procedures and organizational planning for handling crisis situations. Communication largely takes place via telephone or texts. Companies often have to deal with crisis situations in collaboration with emergency services, each operating via their own procedures and systems. 

– The BEMS-system should most definitely be implemented for emergency services like police, fire departments and ambulances. There is a strong and urgent need for improvement in the existing systems that are – to say it mildly – not very advanced, says former Army Major General, Tor Rune Raabye, also a well known leader with 35 years experience in emergency and crisis management.

The digital infrastructure of today is not suitable for handling emergencies in an efficient and clear way. By developing infrastructure that allows users, businesses, emergency centers and authorities to connect and cooperate, it will be possible to reduce victims, losses and outcomes related to emergencies and crises.

– Bsafes way of alerting and documenting would be immensely helpful for everyone from aid organizations to hostage situations… the potentials are almost unimaginable and are bound to save societies huge amounts of money, says Tor Rune Raabye who previously was head of the Norwegian National Guard.

Guaranteed to save lives, many lives 

The need for a modern system like BEMS has never been clearer than after the whole world had to adjust as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. And the lack of digital infrastructure for emergency and crisis management is not just a solution for poor nations that are lagging behind in digital development. 

– This company is guaranteed to save lives, many lives all over the world. The BEMS-system will be helpful for everything from a robbery to any terror attack and even large scale war, says Raabye who believes a modernisation is not just necessary in Norway, but needed in all nations all over the world on a local, regional and national level to improve safety and reduce costs.