Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) Are Not Responsive

The global Emergency Response market will experience disruption during the next 1-5 years in the same way what occurred with tourism (Airbnb) and taxis (Uber) 10 years ago are striking.

Here are the results:

• 240 million emergency calls annually
• PSAP Process Time   6-13 min
• Dispatch to Arrival  25:57 min
• PSAP to Arrival        36:39 min
• 90 to 99% of all security alarms are false
• 62 million false alarms in the US at a cost of $3.1B annually.

Even in Norway 6 out of 10 Emergency Services are false alarms. There are 48.000-50.000 false Emergency Services per year in Norway.

We are opening to transform the industry with our digital technology by building bSafe Emergency Management System with API's to integrate our technology into your existing platforms. BEMS is a personalized alarm center on smart phone and desktop for small and medium-sized companies, organizations, college campuses, local authorities, hospitals and so on.

• We will automate key processes that eliminate time-consuming manual work, reduce costs and improve productivity.
• Top security and medical responders are dispatched in seconds, NOT minutes.
• We will provide you access to instant emergency response, anywhere, anytime.
• We bridge the gap between Personal and Public Safety- and Security by giving students, citizens and employees access to instant Emergency Response Services through our solutions.

We will offer 24/7 monitoring, with Emergency alert, live streaming of audio and video, automatically recording, seamless sharing of incidents in real-time, two-way communication and transfer to emergency centers and first responders.

Watch video of bSafe Emergency Management System