Invitation to release of bSafe Emergency Management Software in Oslo June 1st from 1230-1500.

Competent people call bSafe’s solutions “revolutionary” and “a game changer needed in the world today”. Also, a “unique opportunity” for investors.

Imagine being able to make a global change, by securing your loved ones.

From sexual assault to emergencies and crisis like accidents and wars – saving the life of millions.

We invite you to be a part of that global change and for the unique opportunity to invest – in something that really matters. Your children and grandchildren.

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Address: Epicenter Oslo, Edvard Storms gate 2

Join the Release online via this link

The speakers:

Johann Olav Koss: There is a huge demand for collecting and structuring what's going on in the world of aid and care with focus on violence and psychological needs.
Trond Riiber Knudsen: I would call bSafe “aspirin on steroids” and a huge opportunity about to take off. – I've never seen anything like it.

Rich Larsen: We have bold ambitions to modernize the next generation of security technology.  With requests from international companies such as British Telecom, VOI, JustEat and RapidSOS, we prepare the company for a fund raising.
Tor Rune Raabye: This company is guaranteed to save lives, many lives all over the world.  – The BEMS-system should most definitely be implemented for emergency services like police, fire departments and ambulances.

Steve Cottingham: The exceptional API building blocks of the BEMS-dashboard can easily be integrated into existing arrangements, on both regional and federal levels to operate parallel to and inside of emergency response systems like 911, 112 and others.
Trygve Jacobsen: With our modern and flexible technological solutions, we strengthen the ability of international companies to handle crises, with the goal of faster response times and reduction in loss of life when crises occur.

Ken Roar Riis: Today's society places new demands on how to develop software solutions. With the possibilities around big data, analytics, communication and cloud solutions, one must build on an architecture that does not leave out opportunities along the way. Not least, one must take care of security and new requirements for data sharing. When we build BEMS, it is precisely scalability, insight and security that have the main focus.
Eva Helen Rognskog: We are all engaged in impacting the safety of our loved ones, as it is everyone's responsibility. Bsafe is not just a business; it is a mission to make a globally significant and tangible impact on people's lives and safety. Everyone everywhere has the right to feel safe.