Nine fantastic features

Take a good look! Nine ways the Bsafe Emergency Management System can help individuals, businesses and communities. To prevent, handle and document emergencies. 

Voice activation: Activate an SOS alarm using your voice. No need for close encounters. It works even if the mobile is in your pocket, bag or jacket.

SOS button: When the audible alarm is activated your exact location is sent to BEMS. If you move, the tracking will show where you are at all times. 

Live streaming: When the alarm is activated, live streaming starts automatically. This means that BEMS, in addition to location, can see and hear everything that happens in the situation once activated. 

Two-way communication: A two-way communication with BEMS is automatically established. 

Automatic audio and video recording: The automatic audio and video recording is uploaded live – and automatically sent to BEMS even if recording is stopped. Works even without mobile coverage. 

Follow me: Your guardians and the BEMS-network can virtually “follow you” from one place to another on the map. 

Streaming as a preventive tool: Live streaming without activating SOS. Useful in situations where one feels insecure, however no immediate danger in effect. The recipient will see and hear everything that is going on in the situation in addition to receiving the exact location. Used in tandem with two-way communication. 

Seamless sharing of the incident in real time: The operator of BEMS can easily share the incident with your local emergency response teams or an internal emergency center to provide quick action. They will get the same information as on BEMS: Like name, phone number, location, tracking and live streaming of the situation. 

Contact the emergency services: If emergency services such as police, ambulance or fire departments should be contacted, it can easily be done via BEMS from a button that automatically calls the emergency services. The person operating the BEMS can describe what is happening, where it is happening and with whom it is happening. This will provide the emergency services with important information and cut response time and ultimately save lives.