MySafe Place partner with bSafe

- The bSafe solution is a game changer when it comes to personal alert technology and with the exciting features it brings, will help to provide support and assurance for anyone out on their own or facing risk, says CEO Gavin Anthony.

MySafe Place are proud to be distributors of the bSafe Personal Safety Technology for the Australian market.

The security market has exploded and bSafe Group is now growing in Europe, Australia and the US. There are close to 500,000 security companies in this market and countless alarm centers, so the customer potential is enormous.

bSafe Group AS has recently signed an agreement with GKA Technologies Pty Ltd, a security company in Australia for the distribution and sale of the solution for personal security connected to the alarm center Security Monitoring Centres, which is a leading provider of monitoring and response services in Australia.

MySafe Place is part of GKA Technologies, who have been supplying personal safety and alert technology in Australia for over 20 years. This has included the Domestic and Family Violence sector, Child Safety, together with sexual violence and workplace harassment.

MySafe Place’s commitment is to provide the best technology possible to make anyone feel safe in their home, as well as the wider community

Gavin Anthony, CEO of GKA Technologies:

- As bSafe Group is recognised as a leading provider of safety and security solutions globally, we are delighted that MySafe Place will be able to provide this technology to support those at risk here in Australia.

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