How to calm a world champion

Do you always feel safe in your city? Oslo inhabitant, father of four and world champion Johann Olav Koss feels safer with Bsafe around. 

Two out of three people in large cities all over the world do not perceive their urban home town as safe. Emergency response services lack a modern digital infrastructure with the devastating result of not catering to important individual needs, since seven out of ten emergency responses are fake and crucial information won't reach first responders. Together with global partners Bsafe is building several ecosystems to improve emergency response time and outcomes. Bsafe will change the way you think about safety. Because public safety is not working.

– The goal for Bsafe as a company is to create a safer society which is very ambitious and great. And as a father of four children, both boys and girls who will grow up in an unstable world, I will feel calmer with Bsafe around, says board member Johann Olav Koss, who besides being a multiple Olympic Gold-medalist in speed skating is a founder of the international non-profit organization Right To Play and receiver of The Royal Norwegian Order of Merit for his humanitarian work.  

“To get an overview is super important”

Bsafes groundbreaking dashboard for mobile phones, tablets and PCs reduces the amount of incorrect calls to the emergency services and false alarms – incidents that today cost our environment large carbon emissions and our social infrastructure money and resources that should have been deployed to other areas where it is more desperately needed.

 – The two-way communication system and support is 100 percent needed within international humanitarian work, says Johann Olav Koss, who is also an UNICEF ambassador and trained doctor.

– There is a huge demand for collecting and structuring what's going on in the world of aid and care with focus on violence and psychological needs. To get an overview is super important, Koss says.

Solutions for individuals, companies and society

Bsafe solutions create sustainability for both individuals, companies and society as a whole. For individuals it means an increase in personal safety, a decrease in potential harmful events and rapid access to assistance. An increase in quality of life. For companies “sustainability” means safe and motivated employees, better resource utilization, better quality of service offered and ultimately saved costs. 

For society we will have better contact with emergency services and shorter response times which will lead to safer local communities. For the environment, Bsafes solutions means less pollution from emergency vehicles such as police, ambulances and fire trucks.

– Bsafes “data package” with all the important functions supporting a larger societal infrastructure is very exciting, says Koss.