In a world where safety concerns loom large, particularly in nations like Norway, often lauded for their prosperity and well-being, shocking statistics reveal a darker reality. Despite being ranked as one of the richest, most developed, and happiest nations globally, Norway grapples with alarming rates of partner murder and sexual violence against women. These distressing figures not only reflect a national crisis but also underscore a global issue of escalating criminal activities, domestic violence, and societal disruption.

✅ In NORWAY, frequently ranked as the richest, most developed and happiest nation in the world, partner murder makes up a quarter of all murders.

✅ In NORWAY, one of the wealthiest nations on the planet, 23% of its female population has been raped.

✅ One can only assume that the rest of the world is even less safe for women.

✅ The rising criminal activities, robberies, domestic violence and partner murder leading to major disruption, is driving the global incident and emergency management market.

✅ Crime and the violence have enormous global socio-economic impacts for individuals, workplaces, schools and communities.

bSafe has developed "tomorrow`s" emergency management system for B2B and B2B2C that offers PREVENTION, HANDLING and DOCUMENTATION of incidents for individuals, employees and societies.

The well-known Norwegian Supreme Court lawyer, John Christian Elden believes that bSafe`s emergency management solutions will be essential in the fight against crime. ”bSafe represents a new paradigm”, he says.

John Christian Elden believes the documentation features of the solution would be a deal breaker in court – a place where many victims have not been properly heard.

bSafe can now connect the emergency management platform to alarm centers globally and thats a huge step for the company from Norway.

bSafe is currently testing one of the largest platform providers to Emergencies in Europe, serving thousands of alarm centers globally.

bSafe's innovative platform offers a range of features aimed at comprehensive incident and emergency management. At its core, the system provides robust prevention measures, empowering individuals, employees, and entire societies to proactively mitigate risks and threats.

Through real-time alerts, location tracking, and customizable safety networks, users can quickly summon assistance and notify designated contacts in times of distress. Moreover, bSafe facilitates seamless handling of incidents by streamlining communication between responders, authorities, and affected parties, ensuring a swift and coordinated response.

Crucially, the platform's documentation capabilities enable thorough recording and reporting of incidents, bolstering accountability and supporting legal proceedings. By combining prevention, handling, and documentation functionalities, bSafe equips communities with a powerful tool to enhance safety globally.

- Not only do I predict that it will it be a huge commercial success, but I also think that it is also potentially a societal game changer, helping ensure not only personal safety, but also as a tool to help ensure fair and equal justice for all members of the community, says Roy Rosser, Patent Agent at R.R (Princeton, USA)

- If we manage to prevent and handle crime, violence, domestic violence and rape, we might help improve mental health, quality of life and safety for millions of people globally, says CEO Rich Larsen

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