bSafe Presented Innovative Security Solutions at NAR 2023

bSafe had a significant presence at the National Association for Realtors (NAR) conference in 2023. The annual event, which brought together top names in the US real estate industry, was held in the Anaheim, California last November, providing bSafe with a unique opportunity to showcase its innovative security solutions for the real estate industry. NAR (National Association for Realtors) has upwards to 1.5 million realtors in its organization, and many of the realtor organizations expressed interested in integrating the bSafe app and bSafe button for their realtors.

Currently, we deliver the bSafe app and bSafe button to The Greater Springfield Board of Realtors (GSBOR) in Missouri, one of the NAR member organizations. They are very pleased with how bSafe protects its members and are an ambassador for bSafe towards the industry.

During the conference, bSafe demonstrated its commitment to creating safe environments through advanced technology. Frode Kjersem from bSafe participated in discussions on the latest security trends and how technology can play a crucial role in protecting real estate agents. One of the highlights at the bSafe booth was the presentation of their newest security solutions, including the bSafe button. This encompasses smart surveillance systems, access control technology, and integrated security platforms, providing real estate agents with a comprehensive approach to safety.

"bSafe is proud to be part of NAR 2023 and share their commitment of creating secure real estate environments," said Mr. Kjersem, Global Partnership Officer at bSafe. "By combining our expertise in security technology with insights from the real estate sector, we are dedicated to delivering tailored safety and security solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients."

What a pleasure it was to meet Jennifer Cassetta, CN, MS "in the flesh" at bSafe's booth at NAR NXT'23 this week! Jenn is a nationally recognized keynote and TEDx speaker, empowerment coach, self defense expert and author of The Art of Badassery. bSafe is proud to partner with Jenn for safer communities!

Over 30 different companies within NAR, with a total of hundreds of thousands of agents, have expressed their interest in adopting the bSafe app and bSafe button. Steve Cottingham, with experience in selling security products in the USA and internationally, will work alongside Frode Kjersem to serve this industry.

The conference participation underscored bSafe's position as 100% committed to enhance “Lone Worker” safety, and the company looks forward to continuing collaboration with the real estate sector to strengthen safety in the industry.