bSafe change the game in an explosive market

bSafe Group AS has signed agreement with a London Stock Exchange AIM listed company in Great Britain and is raising USD 1-2 million for scaling in several markets.

The safety- and security market has changed considerably in recent years and the trend is very clear. Crime, robbery, violence and murder are growing rapidly in the UK and globally and there is a need for innovative solutions to handle these changes.

bSafe Group have developed a unique emergency response solution that send location, audio, video and recording directly to alarm centers

The company has developed of a platform for integration with security companies and alarm centers.  This solution is the first solution in the market that can receive location, audio and video with recording of incidents sent directly to the alarm center.

This means that bSafe Group AS is now able to meet the great demand in the global security market.

The UK's fastest growing alarm center, Fenix Monitoring, has, through collaboration with Croma Security Solutions Group and bSafe Group AS, tested the technology in recent months and can now, in addition to location and sound, receive video streaming and automatic recording of events. This puts the alarm center in a better position to determine the seriousness of the incidents, reduce the response time and have evidence afterwards. No other alarm company in the UK can do that.

Commercial agreement for distribution in Great Britain with Croma Security Solutions Group

Roberto Fiorentino, CEO of Croma Security Solutions Group who has been in the British security market for over 40 years comments:

- We have always strived to find the most effective technologies to provide true safety and mitigate the impact of crime and the Croma-bSafe product brings the reality of achieving this so much closer.

A significant increase in violence leads to increased demand for innovative security technology globally.

- In the past year, there has much in the media in Norway about violence, partner violence, partner murder and murder. Crime and violence have become a part of everyday life, even in "safe" Norway, and we feel that at bSafe Group, says general manager Rich Larsen.

- This has led to a sharp increase in the demand for technology that can prevent, handle and document violence, robbery, assault and other crime. Businesses take safety and security more seriously and are willing to pay for it, says Larsen.

bSafe Group offers a wristband that connects via bluetooth to the bSafe app on the mobile phone. Pressing fthe wristband button activates the SOS alarm via the bSafe app in the mobile phone, which broadcasts location, live streaming of sound and video, as well as automatic recording of the incident.

- This wristband is very sought after and will be a major source of income in the company that increases liquidity and long-term income considerably, according to CEO Rich Larsen.

- Among other things, we have a dialogue with municipalities in Norway and Great Britain about testing the bSafe app and wristband for employees in vulnerable positions, says Rich Larsen.

bSafe Group strengthens the team and opens up capital raising of USD 1-2 million

The company is now opening for a capital raising of USD 1-2 million through an issue.

- The money will go to sell and integrate the solution towards security companies, alarm centers and B2B customers and generate recurring income both in the short and long term, says Rich Larsen

- In 2026, we expect a turnover of between USD 6-8 million and pass USD 100 million within the next 5 years, concludes Larsen.

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• Develops ground-breaking security technology for mobile phones, security companies and alarm centers with functions such as voice activation, live streaming and audio/video recording.

• Supported by Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research Council.

• Growing in the UK, Australia and the USA.

• Featured in, among others, BBC World News, ABC News, CNN, Finansavisen, TV2 and FOX News.