ABC NEWS February 12th 2024 About bSafe and the story behind

ABC13 talked to the creators of three different apps about what they offer that could make the difference when it comes to keeping someone out of danger.

- An SOS button will automatically activate audio and video recordings, plus you can Live Stream. The Recording, Live Streaming and subsequent storage features were important to Rich Larsen.

- His daughter was sexually assaulted in Norway, where they are from. He explained that she suffered from self-harm, depression and attempting suicide.

- In that, Larsen's daughter Charlen Larsen became the brains behind bSafe because she thought about what could have helped her in that moment or prevented the assault altogether.

- It was hard for me as a father to watch my daughter want to end her life, and after four to five years when she became better, I sat down with her and asked her if she thought about if her incident could have been prevented, and she said, - Yes, Dad, I have, Charlen Larsen said.

- If I could have enabled an alarm with my cellphone with my voice, it could have been prevented, or if I could have warned friends and family with my voice that something was about to happen, but the most important thing, she said, if I could have proved it actually happened, I wouldn't have to struggle as much as I did afterwards, Charlen said."

- His daughter now runs the foundation Never Walk Alone, aimed at preventing violence and abuse.

- The experience has led to the creation of another product, a wristband that can be used to enable an alarm with a siren.

- It also has the key function of recording, which he said a lawyer in his native Norway told him is important because the feature may be helpful in trials.

- The bSafe App features include a timer alarm that lets you define how long you want the app to follow your steps, and if you don't check in on time, it will alert whoever you've set as a guardian to receive notifications.

- You can also set up a fake call to get out of a situation. You enter the name you want to appear on the screen and schedule the incoming call for a set time.

- They struggle because it's word against word. People struggle because they don't want to report it," Larsen said, explaining that above all, he's proud of his daughter.

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bSafe is available to download for iPhone and Android anywhere.