9/11-survivor: Could have changed our story

American safety professional on how Bsafe can be beneficial, for an endless market. 

– Bsafe would have been a significant benefit to many of our loved ones that day, it really would, says Erik Ronningen, who was the last person to escape the South Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001, before it collapsed. After the dust settled, he immersed himself in the critical task of ascertaining who did – and did not – survive. To facilitate this, he developed a photo-victim identification-database reconstituted from the damaged World Trade Center access control system and delivered the results to the 9/11 Commission.

– The system also attracted the attention of the FBI, says Ronningen, an established safety professional known to both DHS and TSA who also have delivered security systems for seaports, bridges and airports in New York.

What BEMS can add to the existing life-safety management profession is a high level of confidence for one’s own safety and of significant benefit to passengers, students, travelers, elderly and employees everywhere. The market is endless, he says.

Compelling story, essential solutions

The Bsafe technology platform is the only emergency management system developed with a holistic view to offer prevention, handling and documentation of incidents both at an individual, organizational and societal level. Competing solutions are typically targeting niche markets, for limited needs and situations. Our solution is built on real life incidents and actual user needs. It has gained insights on user requirements, as well as possibilities for co-innovation through our network. This will be fundamental for the growth we are envisioning. 

  – The story of Rich and Charlen is compelling, the solutions are essential and the overall concept is terrific, says Ronningen.

BEMS does not try to replace current systems. Instead BEMS´s competitive advantage is a stand-alone alarm center with a multifunctional interface that handles various types of emergency and crisis situations. Compared to existing legacy emergency centers, BEMS will be a deep integrated, independent solution in emergency services and alarm systems. This makes BEMS a low entry solution when setting up local actors such as security departments on campus or local safety solutions.

– During 9/11 Bsafes system of solutions could have alerted friends and family so they would know where I was, says Ronningen who after hearing the moaning of the towers impending collapse above him, in the end protected himself behind a hotel column across the street as he saw the towers in flames.