1 in 4 murders in Norway is a partner murder

The newspaper VG keeps statistics on partner murders in Norway. Statistics and research show that:

✅ Partner murder makes up a quarter of all murders in Norway.

✅ In 7 out of 10 partner murders, partner violence is registered before the murder.

✅ In 5 out of 10 partner murders, more than 5 episodes of violence have been registered.

✅ Death threats have been registered in 3 out of 10 partner murders.

✅ 7 out of 10 victims had sought help with private relationships before the act of murder.

Partner homicide is often closely related to partner violence. These figures provide the premise that partner murder often does not happen without warning.

Ref: https://www.taushettarliv.no/1-av-4-drap-i-norge-er-partnerdrap

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