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On track to become a world-leading provider of safety and security solutions.

Like us, you….

Want helping to improve safety- and security by solving some of the world's greatest challenges; crime and violence against women.
Want to help prevent and reduce violence and rape for individuals, especially for those that identify as women.
Want to save lives that would otherwise be lost.
Want help in the moment when an incident occurs and provide evidence to support any incidents that have happened.
Want faster, safer and more accurate response to emergencies prevents loss of life and health.
Want to contribute to a safer world for our children and grandchildren.

Why invest in us?

We are driven by the ambition to make a significant and tanible impact.
We have a strong and dedicated team of high-skilled passionate professionals.
Profit, people and planet are equally important for us.
Our solutions make it possible to reduce the number of victims, reduce losses and improve outcomes related toemergencies and crises.
Our disruptive business models have global potential for high return on investments.
Our solutions have global potential for high Return Of Results.
There are ongoing efforts for patenting and protecting the Bsafe brand with the assistance of attorneys.

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