Raising Funds of $3M USD


bSafe is pleased to announce its intent to raise initial funds of $3 million USD for the development and commercialization of its bSafe Emergency Management System (BEMS).

The company’s technology platform is the only emergency management system developed with a holistic view to offer prevention, handling, and documentation of incidents both at an individual, organizational and societal level. At its core, bSafe develops APIs for tomorrow’s safety and security technology that can be adapted to mobile users, businesses, campuses, and integrated to mobile operators, mobile manufacturers, and alarm centers.

In the company’s most recent news, bSafe intends to raise initial funds of $3 million USD for the development and commercialization of its bSafe Emergency Management System through its international partners. This funding plan will seek a combination of soft and private investments, with budgets being based on signed agreements in market segments that are ready for commercialization and growth in 2023.

“Crime and violence are a global, growing problem in society, at home and in the workplace,” says Founder and Chairman, Rich Larsen. “At the same time, there is a significant information gap between increasingly sophisticated alarm systems and the emergency services responding to their signals for help.

This leads to long processing time and a proliferation of false alarms which clog first responder systems. Most critically, first responders lack vital information or arrive too late at a scene, which might make a big difference for the outcome from the perspective of early intervention or later investigation.”

To combat these issues, BEMS develops integrated safety and security solutions on mobile phones for rapid assistance in emergencies and crises. With this game-changing technology, customers will gain:

• Fast assistance within seconds, not minutes

• Seamless sharing of incidents and emergencies 24/7 with colleagues, alarm centers and emergency services

• Automated processes for emergency and crisis management with reduction in response time up to 90%

• APIs for integration of BEMS solutions in applications, security companies, technology platforms, and ecosystems

• Adaptable for individuals, businesses, alarm centers and local authorities

“The market value of the global incident and emergency management space is expected to reach close to $171.8 billion by 2028, with the market undergoing disruption over the next 1-5 years,” says Co-Founder, Charlen Larsen. “Our go-to-market plan is built for rapid market adaption and our unique channel partners give us instant access to markets and next gen technology. Our partnerships and business model have huge upsides and broad impact and we look forward to speaking with potential investors about the financial and sustainable profits of entering the emergency management marketplace.”

bSafe plans to be cash positive in 2023/2024 and pass $100 million USD in annual revenue within 4-5 years with a 10 x ARR valuationbSafe has established a management with proven records and high competence and long experience both nationally and internationally and consists of some of Norway’s foremost experts in its field.

For more information or an online presentation, please contact the Founder and Chairman:

Rich Larsen


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